Wagr Tracker currently comes with the following features:

a. Location tracking - Using GPS and cellular technology, the Wagr tracker tracks your dog's location and alerts you if they ever leave Safe Zones. The latter can be created using the Wagr Tracker app.

b. Activity monitoring - The Wagr Tracker uses motion sensors to calculate the amount of rest and exercise your dog gets everyday. To ensure he or she is getting enough, the app allows you to set a daily activity goal based on your dog’s breed, weight, age etc.

c. Walk tracking - The Wagr Tracker app allows you to track your dog's walks by keeping a record of routes taken, distance covered and more.

d. Multi dog support - The Wagr Tracker app allows you to track up to five dogs using the same app.

e. Multi user support - Invite up to three family members or friends to join your pack on the Wagr Tracker app. Work together to take better care of your dogs.